Welcome to the office of Ihor N. Suszko, Vermilion Dentistry. Located in the historic district of Vermilion in the Hotel Wagner building we have provided general dentistry services since 1984. We offer affordable treatments and services for conditions associated with oral and dental health issues, with the care and concern patients expect from their health care professionals.

PREVENTIVE TREATMENTS - the core of any treatment plan, coupled with education. We’ll help you to establish priorities for your dental health care as well as treatment strategies. In addition to hygiene consultations and teeth cleaning procedures, we offer applications of therapeutic medicine including fluoride, antimicrobial rinses and antibiotic treatments.

BASIC TREATMENTS - of decayed, fractured or sensitive teeth are services we are experienced with and skilled to correct. We utilize predictable restorative treatments that use tooth colored fillings, traditional materials, crowns and caps.

ELIMINATING DISEASES - of the mouth as well as infections, acute pain and related problems detrimental to your health and well being.

COSMETICS AND ESTHETICS - we’re here to help you achieve not only optimal dental health but to be happy with your smile! Our treatment program includes whitening techniques, porcelain veneers, and replacement of discolored or worn out fillings or caps.

If you’re concerned about your oral health or just interested in maintaining good oral health, we invite you to call our office with questions about any aspect of our practice and treatment philosophy. Our office is conveniently located whether you’re a Vermilion resident or from a neighboring community. Let professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff help you with your dental health needs.